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Air conditioning, ventilations, Air filtration systems, Installation & maintenance; Electromechinical Equipment Installation and Maintenance Services;  Plumbing & sanitary contracting;    Painting contracting; Insulation Contracting;  Carpentry and Flooring Contracting; Engraving & Partitions & false ceiling  contracting; Metal, Glass and Aluminum Works; Tiling, Flooring and Marble works, etc..

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MEP Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services 
• Handy man services​​​​​​
• Air Conditioning Systems, Installation,                 Maintenance & Repair services
• Electrical fittings & fixtures services
• Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting​

Civil and Architectural Installation, Repair & Maintenance Works

• Plastering
• Fit Out Services 
• Tiling, Flooring and Marble works
• Carpentry and Joinery Works
• Metal, Glass and Aluminum Works
• Painting Works
• Gypsum Board and False Ceiling
• Insulation, Roofing, Waterproofing,                 Expansion and Seismic Joints
• Welding & Cable pulling Contracting
Quality Services
Prompt, Efficient and Cost-effective Service
We offer quality and affordable installation, maintenance & repairing  services at a reasonable cost.